The Story of The Veil of Veronica or Sudarium

The story of the Veil of Veronica is a legend that dates back hundreds of years when Saint Veronica from Jerusalem sees Jesus along the road to Calvary. The story recounts that she paused as Jeasus walked past and took her veil and wiped the blood and sweat from his face. When the Veil of Veronica was used the image of jesus's head was imprinted on the fabric. 
Today the remains of Veil of Veronica are kept in St. Peters in Rome where only a small piece is still visable. 

Thanks to modern day transportation and great companies like Italy4Real, you can now travel to Rome and see The Veil of Veronica. 

Italy4Real are experts in designing programs to visit Italy's most famouos rellics. Here is an example of a trip to Italy to see the Veil of Veronica.

Day 1 - Arrive Rome, private airport transfer to your hotel in the historic center of Rome with private bath and breakfast service. 

Day 2 - Explore Rome on one of our Rome Sightseeing Tours such as a Classical Walking Tour of Rome

Day 3 - Visit of the Vatican, Sistene Chapel and St. Peters to see the remains of the 

Day 4 - Travel a short distance to the small Capuchin monastery located in the historic town of Manopello, Italy. Visit the monastery where the veil was originally found. 

Day 5 - Explore the coastline by car, or jsut relax by the sea, today is a free day to relax and enjoy the area. 

Day 6 - Return to Rome by car and check into your lovely hotel or B&B in Rome, the city is yours! 

Day 7 - Explore Rome on our Vatican and St. Peters Walking Tour where you will see the main highlights of the Vatican Museums, Sistine Chapel and St. Peters. 

Day 8 - Enjoy a private airport transfer to the Rome airport for your flight home. 

This one week trip is a great way to see The Veil of Veronica and other wonderful sites of Italy.

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