Italy by Rail

When planning your trip to Italy you must consider the large rail network that Italy has which connects all of the major cities and many of the secondary towns. There is one main rail operator in Italy; Trenitalia which is owned by the Italian Government. Trains can be quite comfortable on the major routes such as Rome to Florence, Venice to Florence or Rome to Naples; but on smaller routes; the trains can feel out dated. 

There is a new train system in Italy that Italy4Real is now one of newest providers of tickets in North America. Italo; is the name of a train system designed by the famous automaker; Ferrari. The train only has limited routes; mostly between the major cities such as Rome, Florence and Naples but they feature the latest generation high speed trains. 

The biggest advantage to this new Italy train system is the customer service. From the first moment you enter the train you are personally greeted by a train representative and welcomed aboard. The interiors of the train are an example of Italian design and comfort. You have lovely new cars, free Wi-Fi on board and if you have a cell phone, laptop or tablet you will have a free online entertainment system with movies, TV and more; just like an airline.

When you are planning your trip to Italy; make sure you contact us about using this new rail system in Italy. The travel experts at Italy4Real and our custom trip planning services can incorporate using this great new train on your trip.  

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